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nurture  [nur-cher]  /ˈnəːtʃə/

verb.  to nourish, cherish, cultivate, care, develop, educate, protect, sustain, encourage, inspire, promote, stimulate, boost, enrich, strengthen, embrace, value, revere, honour, treasure, love.

The word nurture is such an enormous hug that lifts me up and supports me to become the very best version of myself.  So, without any hesitation, the thought of living a nurtured life inspires me to learn, curate, integrate, evolve and share the kaleidoscope of living wisdom available to us.

I hope that in some small way I’ll positively touch your life, and that my life choices will create a ripple effect that nurtures me, my family, friends, community, and our living planet. 

The aim of this potpourri of wisdom is to inspire you to also live a nurtured life.

Please pour yourself a warm cup of tea and find a comfy spot to read the topics that interest you most.

Nurture Notes

Know how and skills for living a nurtured life.


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Acknowledgement of Country

I acknowledge and honour the Yuggera and Ugarapul peoples as the traditional custodians of the land in the Lockyer Valley where I live and work, and recognise their deep holistic connection to land, water, and culture.  

I pay my respects to Elders past, present and emerging, for they hold the stories, hopes and living cultures of First Australians who have nurtured this land for millennia.