Brogo Permaculture Gardens

Brogo Permaculture Gardens

We recently had the opportunity to visit permaculture elder John Champagne at the 13-acre Brogo Permaculture Gardens on Yuin country in the far south coast of NSW.

What an inspiration! The character-filled, mud-brick house is nestled within the abundant 30-year-old permaculture gardens.  This off-grid, solar-powered, owner-built structure oozes warmth and with all the elements of a sustainable “home”.

There was so much to experience – a thriving edible landscape, certified organic farming, swales for water catchment, kitchen gardens, poultry systems, food forest, regenerated forest, and more. Water and solar are harvested onsite and greywater and human waste are used within the closed system.

This is a powerful demonstration of what can be achieved, and a great way to motivate a deeper understanding of permaculture and promote self and community resilience.

Living a sustainable permaculture life!

The world is changing – learn to change with it with recognised permaculture elder John Champagne and Brogo Permaculture Gardens. Take a walk at an Open Day, learn the basics on an Introduction Course, deep dive with a Permaculture Design Course or have John come to your property for a consultation.

John offers a comprehensive range of services and courses:

Immerse yourself in a Permaculture Design Course where you’ll gain invaluable knowledge and practical skills.

Go to an Open Day where the home and gardens are open to the public. These events offer a unique opportunity to explore the property through a guided tour and witness permaculture in action.

Book a walk and talk Consultation in and around the Bega Valley only.  This usually takes two hours and John is guided by your thoughts and direction to offer a permaculture perspective on your property.

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