Earth Care Ethic

Permaculture Earth Care Ethic

Rebuild Natural Capital

The Earth is a living, breathing entity. Without ongoing care and nurturing there will be consequences too big to ignore.

– David Holmgren

Our Earth sustains us by providing all the essentials that keep us alive – air, water, food, shelter. Therefore, our survival depends on our Earth and all the interconnected, interdependent living systems on the planet.

So, when we live by the Earth Care ethic we focus on making daily decisions that take care of all Earth’s natural, living systems including animals, plants, land, water and air. Our decisions focus on not polluting the air we breathe, not poisoning the water we drink, not destroying the land which provides our sustenance, and not harming other living creatures.

Earth Care also means caring for the soil. Soil is a very complex living ecosystem and the condition of our soil (measured by how much life exists there) is considered an excellent indicator of the health and well-being of human society. Soil supports plant life. Plants support all higher living organisms and directly and indirectly provide us with our source of all food.

Earth Care also means caring for our forests which are the lungs of our planet, ensuring a supply of clean air. Forests are inextricably linked to the process of rain formation and the water cycle, and therefore play a key role in ensuring our supply of fresh water.

Earth Care means caring for our rivers, which are the veins of our planet, circulating the water on which all life depends.

When we embrace a deep and comprehensive understanding of Earth Care, this ethic underpins all our decisions. We think about the clothes we wear, the products we buy, the materials we use, the houses we build, the food we grow, and the daily choices we make about how we consume and conserve.

Therefore, Earth Care is about making a difference through the daily decisions we make.

The icon of the young plant represents organic growth, a key ingredient in sustaining life on Earth.  Image from

Short Video

Here’s an inspirational video by Happen Films that features the song Earth People Share written by Charlie Mgee and Formidable Vegetable.
Earth People Fair encourages us to find a sense of home.  Partly inspired by Bruce Pascoe’s book Dark Emu, the song highlights the need for Australians to start recognising and adopting more sustainable land use in an ecologically-fragile country. 
It has an important focus on the Earth Care ethic along with the interconnected People Care and Fair Share ethics.

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