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Ferment for Good:

Ancient Foods for the Modern Gut

The Slowest Kind of Fast Food

by Sharon Flynn

Published in 2017 by Hardie Grant Books

Hardcover  |  224 pages  |  ISBN: 1743792093

Book Overview

Ferment for Good: Ancient Foods for the Modern Gut (The Slowest Kind of Fast Food) is a guide to discovering the joys of fermentation in its myriad variations. 

Sharon Flynn, https://www.thefermentary.com.au, shares her knowledge and passion for fermentation in a practical, friendly style.  It includes anecdotes from her many years of travel and fermenting at home for family and friends, plus instructions on how to set up your own fermenting kitchen benchtop.

Bottles of various fermented foods - Ferment for Good - Fermenting

This book includes many recipes, tips for incorporating ferments into everyday meals, and how-to guides for creating the basics.

Sharon explains:

  • why do it
  • what you need
  • what you’ll get.

When your gut bacteria are balanced and strong, it’s more likely that the rest of your body and mind will be too.  The bacteria fermenting in your jars are going to grow and one day live inside the people who eat them.  And we are seeking a large and diverse variety of bacteria inside us to give gut democracy a chance.

–  Sharon Flynn, p. 20.

2 page spread from Ferment for Good - What Is Fermenting?

Chapter Focus

There are chapters focused on:

  • wild fermented vegetables (including sauerkraut, kimchi, and brine ferments)
  • drinks (water kefir, kombucha, Jun tea, pineapple wine, mead)
  • milk and dairy (including yoghurt and milk kefir)
  • condiments and breads (such as mustard, spreads, dosa, and injera)
  • Japanese ferments (including miso & tamari, soy sauce, sake kasu, and pickled ginger). 

Two page spread - Ferment for Good - Krauts
Two page spread - Ferment for Good - Japan

Ferment for Good integrates beautiful illustrations and photos to support this carefully curated collection of fermentation recipes from around the world. 

Ferment for Good is a great introduction to fermentation, with easy-to-understand instructions and lots of serving ideas.  Sharon Flynn’s passion and clarity shine through.  Read it and empower yourself to become part of the fermentation revival!  

– Sandor Katz

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Ferment for Good - Book Cover

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