Keeping Poultry

Monday 4 April 2022

6.30pm – 8.30pm
Connect and Learn
Permaculture Toowoomba Inc.

presented by

Adam Gould and Debbie Bassingthwaighte

Online via Zoom
Bookings are essential.

What We’ll Do

6.30 pm – Learn – Keeping Poultry: Quail, Pigeons, Chickens, Muscovy, Geese and Guinea Fowl

Adam and Debbie will share their practical experiences and tips on how to:

  • Select from the range of poultry that you might like to keep in your patch (including quail, pigeons, chickens, Muscovy, geese and guinea fowl)
  • Consider the characteristics, needs and functions of each
  • Keep your poultry happy and healthy
  • Grow plants and supplements especially for poultry
  • Integrate poultry into your own backyard with practical feed and water solutions, housing, and garden systems

They will also have photos and examples of some of the products, set-ups and processes that they use in their own garden-farms.

Adam is a hobby farmer and engineer at local government. His passions involve many peculiar interests that include breeding quail and poultry. He has been breeding quails for about 4-5 years and has focused on a dual-purpose variety which produces loads of eggs and a good yield of meat. The emphasis has been about producing a good quality living environment and generally spoiling them with lots of insects and leafy greens.

Debbie is a backyard gardener who loves to watch her contented hens, muscovy, geese, guinea fowl and quail as they help her create an abundant edible garden. As a teacher and designer, she has a deep interest in permaculture-inspired self-reliance and resilience, and loves to inspire and empower others to live their best lives within our resilient community.

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