Purple Pear Farm - Mark, Debbie and Kate

Purple Pear Farm

Purple Pear Farm

We had a wonderful visit to Purple Pear Farm, an Education Centre and Biodynamic farm in Anambah, NSW.  Starting with the warm welcome, we felt immediately surrounded by a deep care for earth, family and community.
Mark Brown and Kate Beveridge took us for an insightful tour of their productive farm which is a beacon for sustainability and community building. We saw the flourishing mandala gardens and food forest all created using permaculture, biodynamic and organic farming practices.
There are also beautiful, nurturing spaces for children and their parents to meet each week – a haven for nature play, learning and exploring in close connection with farm animals and food gardens.
What an inspiration!
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Purple Pear Farm -Innovative 5-sided compost structure.
Purple Pear Farm - mobile chicken dome.
Propagation area - Purple Pear Farm.
Chickens are systematically rotated through the mandala garden area.
Mandala gardens - Purple Pear Farm
Food forest - Purple Pear Farm

At Purple Pear Farm, permaculture is a way of thinking, a way of looking at things and a system of design used throughout our farm. Permaculture looks to nature and especially the forests as a model for sustainable agriculture with the elements working together in symbiotic relationships. It looks to maximise the utilisation of resources, including the sun, water, gravity and the interrelationships between the components of the system. These ‘guilds’ are a cornerstone of sustainability.

In 2015, Happen Films, created a short video tour of Purple Pear Farm featuring the rotating tractor domes over mandala garden beds, pigs, chooks, and growing philosophy.

At that time, Mark and Kate were running a small CSA (community supported agriculture) offering veggie boxes to their local community. Their focus was staying small and supporting other vegetable growers to initiate similar projects, or even to join theirs, so that everyone in the community is eating well and living well.

A powerful vision for a nurtured life!

Visiting Purple Pear Farm

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