Learn How to Make Refreshing Ferments

Saturday 17 August 2019

2.00pm to 4.00pm

Presented by Debbie Bassingthwaighte

At 88 Richards Road, Postmans Ridge



workshop attendance, printed recipes, quality swing-top bottle of flavoured Kombucha for second fermentation, and fermenting kit of 3 different SCOBYs in starter liquids.

Refreshing Ferments

Join me in my kitchen for a delicious afternoon of hands-on fermenting.

You’ll learn everything you need to make your own delicious Kombucha, Jun Tea and Tibicos (Water Kefir) for your family and friends to enjoy.  We’ll explore the full brewing process, and you’ll head home ready to start making refreshing ferments in your own kitchen.

Fermented beverages have become very popular as low-sugar, healthy alternatives to soft drink, sports drinks, juice and alcohol.  They might sound a little mysterious, but fermenting is easy!

Workshop Details

In this workshop you’ll be guided through all the steps of brewing, bottling, flavouring and second fermentation.  I’ll share tips, recipes and practical routines to guide your fermenting success.

There’ll also be lots of taste testing of various brews, blends and flavours.

Take Home

When you leave this workshop, you’ll take home:

    • The knowledge and confidence to start making your own fermented drinks.
    • Printed recipes and instructions for making Kombucha, Jun and Tibicos.
    • A quality Bormioli Rocco 1 Litre glass swing-top bottle filled with kombucha ready for its second fermentation.  You’ll bottle and flavour your own kombucha during the workshop.
    • A Fermenting Kit of Mothers ready to start brewing:
        • Kombucha SCOBY in starter liquid.
        • Jun SCOBY in starter liquid.
        • Tibicos Grains (Water Kefir) in starter liquid.

Don’t miss this very special opportunity.

$45 per person

Includes workshop attendance, printed recipes, a quality Bormioli Rocco 1 Litre glass swing-top bottle filled with Kombucha ready for its second fermentation, and a fermenting kit of 3 different SCOBYs in starter liquids.

Places are limited and bookings are essential.

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Free, off-street parking is available on site.

This workshop is smoke-free and smoking is not permitted anywhere on the property.

Kombucha is a sparkling, fermented tea that is full of flavour and packs a health punch, with living probiotics (good bacteria) and organic acids. It begins as a sweet tea solution before a living culture of bacteria and yeast, commonly known as a  SCOBY or symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, transforms it into a tasty and refreshing drink. Originating in China, living SCOBYs have been traditionally passed to the next generation for thousands of years.

Jun is known as the champagne of kombucha and has a delicate flavour in comparison to its close cousin Kombucha. This delicious, living, probiotic tonic is fermented from green tea and honey and is often considered a connoisseur’s brew.

Tibicos, or water kefir grains, feast on sugar water and produce a beverage full of friendly bacteria and yeasts. For the second fermentation, fruit, juice or botanicals are added to enhance colour and flavour and produce a lightly carbonated beverage. Compared to Kombucha, Tibicos is much less acidic, giving it a milder flavour that is often preferred by children.


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