Tree Troff Drinker at Madingley Homestead

Tree Troff Drinkers for Arboreal Wildlife

Tree Troff Drinkers

Arboreal wildlife (including koalas, gliders, possums, birds and reptiles) will now have a reliable source of water at Madingley Homestead during hot summers and droughts. This is thanks to the generous donation of two Tree Troff Drinkers provided by WIRES and distributed by Lockyer Uplands Catchment Inc. (LUCI).

This initiative forms part of Koala Climate Corridors, a project spearheaded by the Great Eastern Ranges and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to help wildlife adapt and communities build resilience to climate change.

Our property is within the first climate corridor, Bunyas to Border, which stretches from the Bunya Mountains to the Border Ranges. Here the focus is on creating a corridor along the western horn of the Greater Border Ranges to enable local wildlife to move and adapt by providing vital refugia during extreme weather conditions.

Bunyas to Border Koala Climate Corridors
Tree Troff

The Tree Troff Drinkers allow wildlife to access supplementary drinking water without being at risk on the ground.  This is particularly important in the Lockyer Valley where habitat has become very fragmented.

We installed our new Tree Troff Drinkers within two stands of established eucalypts where there are signs of glider, possum and owl activity.  It’s one small thing we can do for the wildlife that share our land.

Tree Troff 1 in place
Tree Troof 2 in place
Tree Troff Drinker

Water for Wildlife

In the wake of the catastrophic drought and fires in 2019-2020, WIRES launched the Water for Wildlife program to provide long-term access to supplementary water for arboreal wildlife impacted by emergency events.

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